Dubai, UAE – 03/27/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – The Sacra team announces the highly anticipated release of Beta 3.0 Sacra: Falling of Myrd. This moment marks a point of pride for the project as it is the final beta version, signaling the last stage before the full game release.

Sacra, as the world’s first decentralized RPG game, showcases real user-confirmed value and a stable financial model, illustrating the transformative potential of DeFi in the gaming industry. The project has already been noted in the ratings as one of the most popular crypto gaming projects in 2024 – Top GameFi Projects You Need to Know in 2024.

Sacra is a unique RPG game that differs from other WEB3 games in a number of fundamental ways, which makes the project a pioneer in the DeGame direction.

Complete decentralization. Sacra is the first game where there are no servers or other infrastructure elements other than your browser client and the blockchain network. This provides real decentralization, where there are no unnecessary intermediaries or centralized points of control.

DeFi-based economy. The game’s economy is built entirely on DeFi contracts, which eliminates the possibility of interference from the development team or administration. No one can influence the redistribution of gaming resources, demonstrating how decentralized finance can work effectively in the gaming field.

Open source. Sacra is implemented on an open source ideology and is managed like any other Web3 decentralized application. This makes the product completely transparent to all stakeholders – from market experts to ordinary players, building trust and supporting the values of decentralization and openness.

“As always, games pose a real challenge to the entire IT industry, pushing it towards more productive solutions. And Sacra is a pioneer in this direction. We were able to develop the most complex logic on smart contracts so that the blockchain was able to process a huge number of transactions in our game.

In the future, we will see many projects that implement gameplay on smart contracts and will open a new era in the gaming industry. This revolution goes hand in hand with the revolution of all crypto projects, and it is only a matter of time before the old game devs are supplanted by a new approach” – says the founder of the Sacra and Tetu projects Vsevolod Grigoroich aka Belbix.

In Sacra Beta 3.0, players will immerse themselves in a polished version of the game that closely mirrors the final product. This milestone is significant for both developers and players as it represents the culmination of hard work of Sacra Team and dedication to creating an exceptional gaming experience.

Let’s explore the new features in Beta 3.0, which represents the final iteration of the game before production:

Four Biomes: The inclusion of all four biomes, including the challenging Biome 4, will put even the most seasoned players to the test. Huge rewards are provided for those who can complete at least one adventure there, that adds an element of excitement and motivation to the gameplay.

Enhanced Immersion: Beta 3.0 introduces new in-game stories and fierce monsters, promising a thrilling gaming experience that will keep players engaged and eager to continue their journey.

Game Economy: Significant changes have been made to the game’s economy to streamline interactions within the game world. Players now only need one $SACRA for all in-game actions, simplifying gameplay and enhancing convenience.

The introduction of dynamic game balance, which adjusts based on the circulation of tokens: more $SACRA in circulation the stronger monsters and less loot. Beta 3.0 places particular emphasis on the tokenomics of the game, introducing scarcity of in-game tokens as players progress, requiring them to strategize and find a way to get them.

So, gear up and get ready for an exceptional gaming experience as Sacra’s Beta 3.0 sets the stage for the highly anticipated official release. The adventures are already here and the Sacra team can’t wait for players to be part of this journey.

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