The new API is set to easily onboard new institutional staking with enhanced security, efficiency, and decentralization.

New York, NY – Nov 30, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) –, a leading validator for Ethereum and 50 other blockchains, in collaboration with SSV.Network, is excited to announce the launch of the Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) Staking API, the first of its kind in the industry. With the introduction of the DVT Staking API, once again reinforces its position as a pioneer in institutional-level, decentralized staking services.

“Distributed Validator Technologies are another step in mitigating staking risks, offering a robust framework for digital asset management and staking strategies,” said Alex Esin, CEO of “The launch of the DVT Staking API marks a pivotal moment in our journey, embodying our commitment to providing secure, decentralized staking solutions to institutional clients.” This innovative technology streamlines risk mitigation for institutions that traditionally allocate extensive time manually selecting diverse validators. Thanks to DVT’s pre-established trusted cluster, companies can now bypass weeks or even months of resource allocation, effectively reducing risks and yielding significant savings in both time and expenses.

The DVT Staking API enables institutions to engage with a network of experienced node operators, including Allnodes, Stakely, and HTX, each bringing unique expertise to the table. This coordinated effort ensures a geographically distributed node operation, significantly mitigating risks and enhancing the robustness of the staking platform. With this collaboration with our selected node operators, institutions can confidently delegate, secure in the knowledge that these top-tier operators will deliver optimal performance, thereby significantly enhancing the robustness and reliability of their staking.

Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, CEO of Allnodes, commented on the partnership: “Our collaboration with through their DVT Staking API aligns with our mission to mitigate inherent staking risks and contribute to a more secure, decentralized blockchain ecosystem.”

Ignacio Iglesias, Co-founder of Stakely, also shared his thoughts: “Employing DVT in the Ethereum staking ecosystem marks a significant advancement towards a more secure and decentralized infrastructure, especially for institutional clients.”

Token Xi, Head of HTX Web3 Technology, added: “Our collaboration with in the development of DVT StakeAPI aligns with our goal of advancing the ETH stake ecosystem towards greater security and decentralization.”

The integration with SSV.Network and the launch of the DVT Staking API, supported by a grant from SSV.Network, showcases’s dedication to advancing institutional staking solutions. The API is designed for easy integration and cost-efficiency, ensuring a seamless transition into decentralized staking for institutions.

“We welcome all institutions and businesses to explore the potential of our DVT Staking API, designed to meet the demands of the current staking strategy and prepare for the decentralized landscape of tomorrow,” concluded Alex Esin.

For more information or to book a demo of the DVT Staking API, visit’s official channels.

At, we remain committed to ensuring true ownership of a user’s digital assets and providing users with a genuine decentralized non-custodial staking experience. Our new DVT Staking API reinforces our dedication to creating secure and user-centric services for the Ethereum ecosystem and to best serve our institutional clients. We invite users to join us in this exciting journey as we revolutionize the world of direct ETH staking. operates across various blockchains, including Ethereum, Cosmos Hub, Polkadot, Kusama, and Solana. It has provided non-custodial staking opportunities to stakers with over $2.7 billion USD across 50 networks.

About P2P Validator embarked on its journey in 2018, fueled by a mission to shape a decentralized future and provide stakers with non-custodial services. With over $2.7 billion in staked assets and over 60,000 delegators, has emerged as a prominent staking infrastructure provider. Pioneers in their industry, the dedicated team at has assumed pivotal roles as early validators across multiple networks. Their unwavering commitment, top-notch infrastructure, and exceptional team have propelled them to become one of the preeminent Ethereum validators globally.

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