• Ensign Labs R&D team continuously innovates and develops AI-powered cyber solutions that detect, response, and protect against malicious cyberattacks.
  • At Milipol AsiaPacific – TechX Summit 2024, Ensign showcases AI-powered services designed to detect and mitigate sophisticated cybercrimes, including phishing and deepfakes.

SINGAPORE, Apr 3, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – In an era where people and devices are increasingly connected to the Internet and each other, cyberattack surfaces are growing exponentially, posing threats not only to individuals at home but organisations and nations worldwide. Evidently, safeguarding cyberspace has become the most dynamic threat to homeland security. To combat these ever-expanding complexities of cybercrimes, Ensign InfoSecurity (Ensign), Asia Pacific’s largest pure-play cybersecurity provider, has positioned itself as the forefront of cyber defence innovation. Ensign Labs, the dedicated in-house R&D team of Ensign, continuously innovate and embed AI into cyber solutions, delivering data-driven and threat-informed defence solutions to detect, response, and protect against sophisticated and malicious cyberattacks.

A Platinum sponsor at the inaugural Milipol AsiaPacific – TechX Summit 2024, Ensign demonstrates its commitment to combating homeland cybersecurity challenges through its AI-powered services in tackling cybercrimes. Leveraging Ensign’s in-house AI-engine, Ensign’s offerings are able to monitor and detect new unknown threats based on behavioural patterns to generate contextualised alerts. Designed by Ensign Labs, this AI-engine is made up by a collection of patented algorithms and novel techniques that ingests and makes sense of petabytes of varied data.

Among the solutions presented, the Phishing and Deepfake Detection solution stands out as Ensign’s main showcase. Characterised by deception and manipulation, the insidious nature of phishing threats persistently undermines both citizens’ and the nation’s security. To tackle scammers and phishing attempts, Ensign developed an AI machine learning detection system that analyses and flags email addresses and embedded URLs that attempt to mimic legitimate domain names (full domain phishing); slightly alter or misspell domain names to trick recipients (typo-squatting); or use characters similar to legitimate ones to deceive the eye (homoglyph attacks). With a detection rate exceeding 90% for phishing attacks and campaigns, this deep learning detection system utilises generative adversarial neural networks, image recognition algorithms, transformer neural networks and behavioural-based analysis to combat sophisticated phishing attempts.

In recent years, the tactics of scammers, particularly in the area of phishing, have shapeshifted to a combination of social engineering techniques and deepfake technology – deepfake phishing. This is particularly dangerous as deepfake technology becomes increasingly sophisticated and accessible with the advent of AI tools. Recognising the emerging threats posed by deepfakes, Ensign adopted a two-pronged approach to address them: generating deepfakes to understand and expose their flaws; then deploying sophisticated detection mechanisms to identify and mitigate these advanced deceptions.

“Cybercriminals do not discriminate, and as cyber threats evolve, anyone can become a target. The fight against cybercrime is becoming increasingly complex, making the traditional cyber defence playbook insufficient. At Ensign, our commitment to continuous innovation keeps us ahead in this game. Through Ensign Labs, we integrate AI into various aspects of our cyber solutions. This results in data-driven and threat-informed defence strategies, ensuring the resilience and security of Singapore’s cyberspace. Our efforts extend to protecting our clients’ systems and data, thereby contributing to the nation’s long-term prosperity,” said Ms. Tammie Tham, Group Chief Executive Officer of Ensign InfoSecurity.

The Phishing and Deepfake Detection solution is part of a broader suite of AI-powered cybersecurity solutions showcasing at Milipol AsiaPacific – TechX Summit 2024. To find out more, please visit booth 1835, between 3rd and 5th April, at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore.

About Ensign InfoSecurity

Ensign InfoSecurity is the largest, pure-play end-to-end cybersecurity service provider in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, Ensign offers bespoke solutions and services to address their clients’ cybersecurity needs. Its core competencies are in the provision of cybersecurity advisory and assurance services, architecture design and systems integration services, and managed security services for advanced threat detection, threat hunting, and incident response. Underpinning these competencies is in-house research and development in cybersecurity. Ensign has two decades of proven track record as a trusted and relevant service provider, serving clients from the public and private sectors in the Asia Pacific region. 

Ensign InfoSecurity is ranked 7th in a worldwide survey of MSSPs (Managed Security Services Providers). In addition, it has achieved a significant milestone by being the first Singapore-based organisation to attain the status of a Research Sponsor for MITRE Engenuity Center for Threat-Informed Defense (CTID).

For more information on Ensign, please visit www.ensigninfosecurity.com

For enquiries, please email: media@ensigninfosecurity.com

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