Port Vila, Vanuatu – July 11, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Vanuatu launches the CIIP-CNO Future Fund, the world’s first citizenship-by-investment program linked to environmental sustainability. The program offers citizenship and investment opportunities in renewable energy.

Vanuatu, a Pacific island nation, unveils the Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP) – Coconut Oil (CNO) Future Fund, the world’s first citizenship program directly linked to environmental sustainability. Vanuatu’s commitment to 100% renewable energy in electricity generation by 2030 is an ambitious climate adaptation policy.

Unlike traditional citizenship-by-investment programs, the CIIP-CNO Future Fund directly supports sustainable development. Investors make a mandatory contribution of $115,000, plus a fully redeemable $50,000 investment, to develop Vanuatu’s coconut oil sector and renewable energy production.

“The CIIP-CNO Future Fund revolutionizes citizenship-by-investment programs,” said Vanuatu Investment Marketing Bureau (VIMB) Chief Operating Officer Daniel Agius. “Investing in renewable energy projects allows our beautiful country to offer citizenship and lets investors directly support global sustainability efforts.”

The CNO Future Fund aims to boost crude coconut oil production, a key pillar in Vanuatu’s Low Emissions Development Strategy (LEDS). By 2050, the LEDS envisions coconut oil replacing diesel in electricity generation, helping Vanuatu achieve 100% renewable energy. Accessible through VIMB, the CIIP-CNO program shows Vanuatu’s determination to drive climate financing and significantly impact global climate action.

Besides its environmental benefits, Vanuatu citizenship offers visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 100 countries and a tax-friendly system. The CIIP-CNO Future Fund streamlines citizenship acquisition within 60 to 90 days for a family of up to four. More dependents can be added.

Moreover, Vanuatu’s strategic location in the Pacific Ocean makes it accessible to international investors. The country is a three-hour flight from major cities in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea and just an hour and a half from Fiji. Vanuatu’s two international airports, located on the main islands of Efate and Santo, have undergone improvements to meet international aviation standards and receive flights from key markets in the region.

For investors looking to ship products, Port Vila has become the main hub for cargo arrival and distribution, with shipping connections to New Zealand, Australia, and Asia. This accessibility, combined with Vanuatu’s favorable tax regime and membership in regional trade agreements, positions the country as an attractive location for investment and export opportunities.

To qualify for the CIIP-CNO Future Fund, applicants must have a clean criminal record, provide proof of funds, and undergo due diligence checks. The application process is straightforward and can be completed in three months without visiting Vanuatu.

For more information about the CIIP-CNO Future Fund, please visit https://vimb.vu/.

About VIMB

Vanuatu Investment Marketing Bureau (VIMB), headquartered in Port Vila, Vanuatu, has been operating since 2017. Its global network spans London, Dubai, Singapore, and other locations. VIMB works closely with the Vanuatu government and the private sector to represent the country and facilitate outreach through its international offices.

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